Let’s talk…ACID

      Acid is one of the greatest enemies of your teeth and is constantly working on the demise of your enamel. Your mouth has a natural PH level (acid level) that it is always working to maintain. Once outside of these “normal” levels for an extended period of time it provides the ideal environment for cavities to form and prosper. Drinks such as lemon water, wine, and fruit juices all fall into the “enamel danger zone” and should only be consumed for a short period of time to avoid enamel destruction. When consuming anything acidic try to limit your consumption to a 20 minute time frame. Anything outside this time frame such as sipping on a lemon water all day can be detrimental to your enamels strength. Foods and drinks suchs as banana’s, avacado, milk, water are all considered in the “enamel safe zone”